Video: Tiger Woods Swing Review

A look into Tiger Woods’ golf swing based on Reactionary Golf!
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  1. Hello Tony , working on your hammer theory understanding . I cannot see a shot successfully yet but I view a club head path created by the angle in my right wrist [ semi-cocked at address ]. If I keep this V or angle between my right arm and club shaft[looking from above ] as you move back [ takeaway ] i see a channel for my club head all the way to the top, then pull on the handle [lag] to start the downswing . But this is a dynamic vision i only see when motion begins as lag is a dynamic position [always changing ] . Does any of this make sense or help ? Cheers

    • Hey John, yes it does. On the downswing, lag is being created due to the acceleration of your arms and body pulling the club into the ball. The woods will feel a bit different due to club head design. You’ll need to feel the club head get to the ball sooner than your hands. Keep them all moving through impact to ensure momentum and minimal face rotation. Let me know if we are on the same page. Thanks!!

  2. His swing is looking really good. Great to see him looking a bit more comfortable again. I need to work on a few of these things in my own swing

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