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How would you like to get more distance out of your golf swing? How do we max out our movements for power? For those looking to power up their golf swing, this video on How To Turn Your Shoulders In The Golf Swing is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. In this video we’ll cover how rotation plays one of the biggest roles in your swing, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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  1. I have a problem with my full swing. If I hit 3/4 of a swing with a nice and relaxed tempo, lets say 70%. I hit the ball quite solid and it goes straight with a low and penetrating ball flight. Keeping my left arm straight and really squeezing and covering the ball. But as soon as i try to make a full swing I contact the ball all over the place. Thins, fats, hooks, slices and I get very armsy. How do you do? Thank you for great videos.

    • Hi Keijo
      Thanks for your question and it is a good one. You can certainly hit the ball well with a shorter swing. Actually you should be more consistent with your ball striking and direction with a shorter slower swing. Whenever we are trying to increase a movement like more shoulder turn always do things slow and small. I mean try to set a goal to have a 90 degree shoulder turn if you’re not there already. maybe you’ll start at 75 degrees the next day it will be 78 degrees. Hope that helps and best of luck with your game! ~Robin

    • MrStevie57 u know what it’s not really. I’m a beginner and have been watching a lot of tiger recent watch how he does it. It’s simple weight onto your right leg make a body turn then through to your left side. ok u need to practice and have desire to get better and just keep picking up tips on the way. keep arms and shoulders loose really helps also.

    • Hi MrStevie57
      Thank you for your question. I think we’re the ones that make it complicated. I believe guys in the Hogan, Palmer, and Ballesteros era had it right. They had their own swings and just beat balls until they figured out how make the ball do what they wanted it to do. There was an Arnold Palmer commercial not too long ago where he said swing your swing. I believe that to be true with good fundamentals. Keep up the good work and try not to over complicate it like I do! ~Robin

    • it is if you want it to be… that way more of our money goes into golf pockets, to keep you just almost there…Mr S.
      after a couple of years passed with the lessons with golf tec, I did NOT know what over the top was.. and that is
      all I was doing… one after noon wackin it at a range… well the way it happened was.. I had purchased these tools, and was plowing up a pasture, and doing very well at it… when an elderly gent approached and we began to talk.. innocent things of life in its adventures… as he was about to leave, I’m excited and wanted to ask someone, so excuse me sir, and he turned back.. I wanted him to look at the results of all the work I had been hard at… and directing his sight to the freshly plowed up ground and I said, what do you think of this work and what would one plant here?… Shaking his head, looking up at me smiling,, then reaching out to touch his hand on my shoulder, he replied, well son, you see these tools in your hands are more than just tools, but your golf clubs are for Golf, is why they are made.. then at the back of your swing, just before you reach that limit, drop your hands, let them come down so your, if right handed, right elbow comes into your side as your hips with the anchor of ones legs begin the turning, un-xing shoulders catchup, arms extending to thru the ball as wrist give that bullwhip to place the ball where ever you have it dialed into .. well each club that is… lol.. Tom
      I owe it to Clay Ballard, as that is where I learned just what I have written.. a Great Teacher of.. but who is this Quin.. is that the Eskimo where everyone will be wanting to run… 8)

  2. Even when I make sure my left shoulder is lower than my right shoulder, my right hip is free to go back a bit and I’m not in a reverse pivot, my neck does not have enough flexibility to not be at least 45 degrees from the ball. Also, even with the full shoulder turn, my left arm…maybe because my chest is a bit on the thick side, is still at about 10pm. I know I can live with that but I’m sure more stretching will help. It’s strange though, I can pull my arm across my chest as a stretch and get my left forearm close to my right shoulder but when I’m in a backswing I can’t get it close.

    • Hi Craig, it’s hard to say what may be going on without seeing your swing. Some people are more flexible than others. Not everyone can get back to the same position. I’m sure you could improve it with some flexibility and mobility training. Keep up the hard work! ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

  3. Great video, I suffer from very level shoulders at the at the top. Working on this drill will definitely help lower the left shoulder, many thanks Malcolm UK

    • Thanks jonbon1616! Glad you liked the video. I’ll be sure to pass it along to Robin. Play well! ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

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