Once again Chris answers your questions on the golf swing. Todays topic is, swaying off the ball, and Chris shows you how this can be fixed by changing your thought process in conjunction with a really simple drill.

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  1. I didn’t have a chance to practice this, as our range was closed.  But I walked 9 and put this concept to a test.  WOW!  It worked for me yesterday!!  Even without any practice, the swing thoughts about my shoulder rotation worked like a charm!!  THANK YOU!!!!

  2. cool vid, bro. now watch this. (here. hold my beer.) all you silly nubs chattin down there… pay attention. your sway is caused by your hunchy postures. (srsly, this is gonna be right 90% of the time.) straighten your *lower* back. now try again. look… your sway is gone. cool beans, huh nubs. this game is simpler than you think. even i can do it. :p

  3. I’ve just recently stumbled across your channel, and in one day you’ve managed to address two issues I’ve always been having in my backswing (swaying and getting too flat at the top). This video and the video on forearm rotation really puts me in a much better position at the top without much conscious effort resulting in much more consistent results and a feeling of swinging more freely(so far). I would never have thought to address the problems the ways you do. Thank you for all the great content.

  4. This is a problem I suffer with and found that I sway more as I become more upright in my stance. Bending more at the hips and feeling my left shoulder turn towards my right shoe on the back swing really helped as it helps eliminate the sway, keeps me more compact and promotes a better turn. It also helps with ball strike consistency. Great video. Thanks

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