Video: Follow The Money For More Consistent Golf Shots

We all move the club around our body on changing angles, but there is a certain corridor of movement that has stood the test of time and has won a ton of money across the globe. If you follow this money line in your swing… no doubt you’ll hit more consistent golf shots and put a few extra dollars in your pocket too.
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  1. Why even superimpose a straight “money line” when it’s obvious from your video that the downswing varies, and isn’t straight at all?

    • Great question. All of those non-straight moves are what puts the hands and club on that straight line. Because the body is turning it’s not enough to just “leave the arms,” they have to move in directions that allow them to get the hands and club on plane. The straight money line, or corridor, represents the net of all those movements.

  2. Thanks for the drills, would an impact bag be of any assistance with the impact position. Side note I have trouble starting the transition the initial movement to my left side( right handed) any help.cheers

    • Impact isn’t really a position so we’d like to see the things that produce a good impact worked on rather than a static impact look. The transition to the left should start well before the club transitions. Do the step drill to tune that up:

    • That’s why we did this video, Ed. And that’s why we put the rotation numbers on the screen. He is rotating, but the hands are coming down sharply to start the downswing. That is how the pros shallow the club. This is a pro and we have yet to measure a pro who does it another way. If you want to see more pros look here:

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