BLOCKS AND HOOKS GOLF LESSON, Mark Crossfield is talking hooks and blocks in todays golf Daily Vlog. Some simple and easy to follow golf tips for golfers who want to improve their golf swing. If you are struggling with your golf swing or your driver is missing fairways try some of these easy to follow golf tips for all golfers.

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  1. Hi Mark, I play with a similar strong grip to the guy in the video. Its really interesting that you suggested focusing on a low/around followthrough as I have found this works well for me (through trial and error).

    My question:
    I have also found that if I aim my body slightly right of target and keep the face square (closed to my alignment), everything feels and goes much smoother. Shots go further. Its almost like im playing a straight pull.

    My tendency is an OTT move and I find this setup brings more consistent results than focusing on a transition move (hip bump, drop right elbow/arms into the slot etc) to get the club inside. Is this any way to play golf? What are some of the problems that may arise from this?

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